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The future of FTO Search and Patentability Assessment.

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Operating on the public patent databases, PatRadar is designed to help you conduct Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches, perform patentability assessments, and locate similar patents prior to prosecution and preparations.

Unlike other search tools, PatRadar searches the patent databases with natural-language descriptions of your products, invention disclosures, and other prior art information. This means you don't need to worry about keywords, connectors, or product feature lists.

PatRadar's database covers all active and expired USPTO patents with weekly updates. In addition, the database includes complete patent application data dating back to 2013.

PatRadar currently focuses on patents filed with the USPTO. However, we will expand PatRadar's coverage to include searches among European databases in the near future.

PatRadar adheres to a strict 3-day information removal policy for search input text. You'll also have the option for manually delete search data within the three-day window. In addition, PatRadar is built with local AI models, which means your search data will not be shared with other online AI model providers.

We do not retain, share, or train PatRadar's AI models with your search input text.

We prioritize confidentiality, and offer an offline version of PatRadar which can be deployed to your computer or company's server to support this commitment, where no data leaves your computer.

PatRadar can be seamlessly integrated into the daily workflows of attorneys, enterprises, and individual innovators. For a demonstration of our offline search software, please reach out to us at [email protected]

For the early adopters of PatRadar, we are offering a generous 3-month free trial. You will get 30 free searches immediately after you start the free trial, and an additional 30 searches on the first day of the month for the next two calendar months. When in the free trial, you will also be eligible for opportunities to get more searches.

We ask that you use your work email when you sign up for a free trial. You will gain immediate access to the free trial if you sign up with an email address associated with one of our pre-approvedorganizations.

Please check your spam box, contact your IT department, and reach out to [email protected] if you don't receive registration verification emails.

For a fee, you will be able to order FTO search reports for your PatRadar searches. You can learn more after completing your first free search, or by contacting us at [email protected]

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